outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker review

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I received this speaker a few days back and was pretty excited about it. Unboxing was really, really simple.


Once out of the box, push a button and a Siri type voice says its connecting. Open Bluetooth on your phone and its paired. Seamless and easy. Funny side note, the voice sounds like Siri if Siri was swimming in molasses….but I digress.

The sound quality was good. At high volume distortion was low. Its a durable product in appearances and its small, which is great! Here it is in relation to my Moto Droid which is roughly 6″…


The only thing I didn’t care for was the short battery life. I paused my music, answered a call, then left the room forgetting it was still on. A few hours later it was telling me the battery was low and needs to be charged (via included USB cable).

Overall, I really like it! Will try outside and in moisture soon as our hot tub is almost here 😉


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Beats Beats! Wooden headphones review

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I, well WE, love these new wooden headphones! The sound quality is phenominal, my son says they even beat Beats. I like the wooden esthetic…they are more stylish than the traditional earbuds and great for someone who doesn’t like the bulkiness of over the ear headphones. I’m glad they came with multiple sizes for the inner ear piece since the ones they were shipped with were too small and the headphones fell out of my ears.

Great product! Check them out at https://www.amazon.com/coming-Headphones-genuine-Earphone-earphone/dp/B01MCRY3RI/ref=sr_1_1?s=exercise-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1477400854&sr=8-1&keywords=fabu+health+ear+phone


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Wicked bright christmas lights reviewed

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OOhhhh…shiny bright pretty things!!

I love these lights! They are wicked bright, as in make sure you aren’t looking down the barrel when you plug them in. haha! The colors are beautiful, stunning really. The pattern is more or less dense depending on how far away from the backdrop you are and they were quick and easy to set up. Open the box, plug in the connector, attach the stake, plug into a socket. That’s it.

We may just keep these after the holidays. Kind of make a pretty room light, honestly!

File Nov 16, 9 48 53 AM.jpeg


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UFit goggles review

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I’m quite pleased with these. Unfortunately our local pool has shut down for winter maintenance so I can’t remark beyond my first use. But initially they fit great, the clip seems durable, and I really like that they come with a case so they wont get lint, dirt or hair stuck in them while transporting back and forth. I’ll be able to update the durability of them once that darn pool opens again! I’m excited to have a nice pair of goggles to swim in now.

I have recieved these as a promotion for my honest review.


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Resistance Bands review

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I just got these rad new resistance bands. I find I get back pain and cold feet when I sit too long so I thought these could possibly help. They are great! Only 10 reps and I am already feeling it. They take up no more room then a plain white envelope, they dont make any noise, and they are inexpensive price point wise. I really love them!!

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